A big charity talent show is coming up. Dorothy is in charge of it; Rose and Blanche are helping. They’re having no luck coming up with any good talent. Sophia shows up and introduces the Donatello Triplets who sing and are quite good. Sophia says that she’s their agent and she’ll let them be in the show as long as the price is right and she can be in it as well. Sophia eventually decides to let the triplets perform for nothing. But she wants her new boyfriend, a magician named The Great Alphonso, to be in the show as well. He’s quite elderly and very forgetful. But he does manage to pull off an impressive mental trick involving bending keys. Just when things couldn’t seem to get any worse, the girls get bad news that their original emcee had to back out of the show.  Rose says she can get Bob Hope to be the emcee. Oh, and she mentions that he’s her father. She reveals that she’s actually adopted. She said that when she went to the movies one day, she saw Bob Hope on the screen and instantly knew that he’s her father. That’s why she knows he won’t let her down. At a meeting to discuss the show, Rose comes in and says that Bob Hope will indeed be emceeing the show. But it turns out she only spoke to a receptionist at NBC and nothing was finalized.

Blanche and Dorothy are horrified. But they find out that Bob Hope is in Miami for a charity golf game. They decide to go to the clubhouse and talk with him. But they end up missing him before he goes off to the airport. The night of the show arrives, and disaster strikes once more. Bob Hope’s name is still listed on the programs as the emcee for the evening. Rose said she forgot. She must have thought deep down that he’d show up. She begins announcing to the crowd that Bob Hope won’t be appearing. But the miracle of all miracles takes place when Bob Hope shows up after all. It turns out that Alphonso knows Bob Hope from their younger days. The show is saved and Rose vows to stop her “silly daydreams.” But in a heartfelt moment, she quietly says to herself “thanks, Dad.”

Season 4, Episode 17: You Gotta Have Hope

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