Sophia sets off on her day. As far as the girls know, all she does each day is take a trip on the bus to buy a nectarine. But she ends up doing so much more than that. While the girls think that Sophia has nothing to do anymore to make her feel fulfilled, it’s revealed that she actually has a very active life outside the house. She does buy her nectarine, but not before cleverly arranging for a refund for her friend’s inedible lamb chop. We also see that Sophia conducts a mini orchestra that plays in the park for donations that go to benefit a local clinic. Back at the house, the girls are enjoying a lazy rainy day. Rose wants to perform jobs around the house so they don’t waste the day. She starts telling stories all about the evils of wasting time and the problems that arise from it. Blanche tells a story about an ex boyfriend who had a big floppy pancreas.

Dorothy tells a story about her grandmother. She mentions that Sophia could do more if she wanted to, that she has the energy but not the desire. Little do they know. Sophia is also a hospital volunteer. She befriends a young patient who has an unnamed illness that nobody has ever beaten. Sophia says that someday they will. It may be today and it may be him. She believes that and she wants him to believe that. Because that’s all they have today, hope. Oh, and a nectarine. The girls are very tired. They didn’t accomplish much at all. Sophia gets home. Dorothy asks her what she did today. She answers without giving away or bragging about anything else she did. She said she bought a nectarine.

Season 4, Episode 2: The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo

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