Rose is unable to take her pills and she can’t refill the prescription for a couple of days. Dorothy and Sophia are going to be in a pizza commercial. The director comes to the house to go over the details since the commercial will be shot there. They to into the kitchen and Rose gets highly upset over her cake falling. She asks the director to leave the kitchen and then lashes out at him when he doesn’t. He cancels the commercial. She tells the rest of the girls to stay off her back. She later apologizes for being on edge. We find out that she’s been taking pills for a number of years for an old back injury. Blanche suggests that Rose may be hooked. Rose is indignant at the idea but later reveals that she can’t stop taking them.

She says she can quit cold turkey if she has the girls to help her through it. They stay up with Rose for the whole night. They tell stories and play a game together. And she makes it to the morning. The commercial is now being shot at the pizzeria. Dorothy has an issue with a grammatically incorrect line. The director replaces her with the woman who was supposed to play the waitress. Sophia tastes the pizza for the first time and hates it and refuses to be in the commercial. Rose goes to a recovery center and spends a month there. She comes home and says while she’ll never be cured, she knows that she can now live without drugs for the rest of her life.

Season 4, Episode 20: High Anxiety

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