Rose’s sister Holly comes for a visit. Rose is not too happy about it. They’ve never really gotten along since they were kids. Holly arrives and seems to be quite charming… to everyone but Sophia. She gets along well with Dorothy and Blanche. They often go to lunch, dinner, and the movies. But Rose never seems to be included in the plans. Rose tries to tell the other two that Holly always does this but they don’t believe her. Blanche has been dating Gary. But he’s quite the slimeball. He first hits on Rose later starts fooling around with Holly.

Sophia is looking after the Westons’ dog Dreyfuss. She promises he won’t be any trouble but soon misplaces him. She tries to cover by getting an identical dog. But the real Dreyfuss comes home in the meantime. She keeps both dogs in her room. But there’s one problem. She didn’t think what would happen when she would eventually have to figure out which dog is the real Dreyfuss. Rose tries to tell Blanche about Gary and Holly but she doesn’t want to hear it. She and Dorothy tell Rose that Holly is a wonderful person and would never do anything to hurt anyone. Gary cancels his date with Blanche. Holly is surprised to see Blanche and Dorothy home so early. Her affair with Gary is revealed thanks to Dreyfuss coming out with his pants and him running out into the living room in his boxers. Rose tells Holly off. She says she used to feel guilty that they never got along. But that’s over. Dorothy and Blanche apologize for not believing her and all is forgiven.

Season 4, Episode 21: Little Sister

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