A big Memorial Day beach party is coming up in a couple of weeks. Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche want to get in shape for it. They begin recalling past efforts to lose weight or improve themselves in other ways. First we see a look at when they went to a health club. The woman who works there sells Dorothy and Blanche a massive amount of accessories. They go through an aerobics class with the weirdest moves ever. They then talk about a time that they tried to change their hairstyles. The stylist comes out and they’re instantly smitten. But he creates hairstyles that are completely wrong. Sophia is nervous that she has lost a pound. Her weight hasn’t changed an ounce in fifty years. As it turns out, she’s slightly shorter than she used to be so she doesn’t have to worry about losing weight.

We see a look back at a time Stan came over. He’s part of a new loving, caring organization but needs to enroll new members to stay a part of it. They refuse but read the brochure. They start talking about who their best friends are. Sophia makes a ricotta cheesecake and the girls want some. But they can’t because they only have two weeks. But Rose points out that the party is on Sunday this year instead of the usual Saturday. So they don’t have to worry about their bodies until tomorrow.

Season 4, Episode 23: Rites of Spring

How did you do? Did you score lower than Dorothy and Blanche felt when they walked in with their outfits? Or did you score better than the woman from the gym does at selling things that people don’t need? Comment in our Facebook group or on our page with your score as well as your favorite moments and memories from this episode. Please be sure to share this quiz. Try out our quiz on the next episode, season 4, episode 24: Foreign Exchange.