The Boscos come for a visit. Their daughter Gina and Dorothy were born minutes apart at the same hospital in Brooklyn. The Boscos arrive with shocking news. They’ve come to take their daughter back to Sicily for her wedding. Wait, what!? After Gina took a blood test for her marriage, it was determined that she couldn’t be related to her parents. There must have been a mixup at the hospital. So Dorothy must be their daughter. That case seems to be helped when Sophia meets Gina who is the same height, looks like she could be a younger Sophia, and even has a wicker purse. Meanwhile, Blanche and Rose enroll in a dirty dancing course. Blanche should be a natural, but is she?

Sophia finally agrees to take a blood test, and not a moment too soon. Dorothy has been a nervous wreck. She’s had to confront the possibility that the woman she’s known and loved her whole life may not be her mother at all. While waiting for the results, Sophia tells Dorothy a heartwarming story about Dorothy’s first day at preschool. The results arrive and Sophia throws them away. They don’t need a blood test to know how they feel about each other. The Boscos return to Sicily so that Gina can marry the man who loves her.

Season 4, Episode 24: Foreign Exchange

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