The neighbors’ kids move a for sale sign from one house to the girls’ house. A man named Yakamora expresses interest in the house. He makes an offer for seemingly more than the house is worth. Blanche is highly conflicted on what to do. Blanche vows that they will all stay together no matter what. We then see a number of flashbacks. We see when Blanche and Rose first met in the supermarket, the first meeting of Rose and Dorothy, and the dance marathon that Rose, Dorothy, and Blanche took part in. Then the girls start talking about all the family that have stayed at the house including two of Sophia’s siblings, Angelo and Angela, Blanche’s niece Lucy, and Rose’s cousin Sven.

Stan then comes by the house. He’s shocked that Blanche would consider selling the house. He says they’ve all had such great times there. He then goes back to when he and Dorothy pretended to still be married for Angelo’s sake and reminds Dorothy of the first time she ever kicked him out of bed. He then reminds her of how she got him to let her back into bed. Blanche can take no more. She decides that there are too many found memories that go with the house and that she can’t trade those in for a few dollars. But Yakamora calls and announces that he’s doubled his offer. Blanche vows to be out by the first of the month.

Season 4, Episode 25: We're Outta Here (Part One)

How did you do? Did you score lower than Rose felt when she thought Blanche was serious when she said she was really worried about the tax consequences? Or did you do better than Stan did at once again irritating the rest of the girls? Comment in our Facebook group or on our page with your score as well as your favorite moments and memories from this episode. Please be sure to share this quiz. Try out our quiz on the next episode, season 4, episode 26: We’re Outta Here (Part Two).