Blanche is still conflicted on what to do about the house. She knows she accepted Yakamora’s offer but she’s still having doubts and also feels that she should let the rest of the girls have some input. We then see more flashbacks including Rose deciding if she should go on a cruise with Arnie, who would have been the first man she’d been with since Charlie died. We also are reminded by Dorothy correct way to look at yourself a mirror to look your best. Spoiler alert, there is no perfect way. We’re also shown a look back to when Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose were set to dance in a recital when Dorothy came down with a foot condition that took her out of commission. Then there’s a look back at when Sophia rewrote a classic song’s lyrics to fit senior healthcare, when Rose looked after a musical chicken, and when Dorothy and Rose entered a songwriting contest.

Some more flashbacks include when Sophia goes to the jail bail out the rest of the girls who were falsely accused of being call girls, when Burt Reynolds stopped by the following day, and a hilarious mixup involving Dorothy’s help wanted ad. Finally we see the flashback involving the demon seed known as Daisy and Rose’s teddy bear Fernando. Blanche finally makes up her mind. She goes to call Yakamora with her decision. But as it turns out, Yakamora decides not to buy the house after all. Everyone is relieved. Blanche said no matter what happens, they are together and friends forever. And everyone shares a wonderful group hug.

Season 4, Episode 26: We're Outta Here (Part Two)

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