Blanche reconnects with Ham Lushbough who she went to college with. Ham was incredibly handsome, a great athlete, the whole package. Unfortunately, Ham was the one man Blanche could never have. And Blanche vows to reverse that and reinstate her perfect record. Ham shows up and Blanche is stunned to see that Ham has put on quite a bit of weight and taken off quite a bit of hair. Rose and Dorothy think they saw a UFO. Their suspicions seem to be confirmed when a major from the Air Force tells them that’s exactly what they saw. As it turns out, the UFO was revealed to be a secret bomber that was flown off course.

Ham turns down Blanche again after they go out. She asks him out one more time and says she’ll do whatever it takes to get Ham into bed with her. But Ham turns her down once more. Ham comes by the house to explain why he keeps saying he can’t sleep with her. He says that he didn’t want another night like they had in college; Blanche is confused. It turns out that Ham had actually slept with one of Blanche’s sisters which turned out to be the worst night in bed he’d ever had. He thought it was Blanche all along. Now, Ham says everything is different and wants to go to bed with Blanche. Knowing that she could now have him, Blanche is able to turn Ham down, secure in the knowledge that her record is in tact again.

Season 4, Episode 3: The One That Got Away

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