Sophia’s childhood best friend Esther Weinstock passes away. Needless to say, Sophia is devastated but won’t go to the funeral because her husband Max will be there. She vowed that she would never set eyes on him again. Dorothy explains that Max had gambled away the profits of the pizza/knish stand that Max and Sal ran on Coney Island. Sophia never forgave him. Dorothy promises to pay for both plane tickets, and that convinces Sophia to go. After some initial harsh words by Sophia to Max, he finally reveals the truth. He never gambled the money away. Sal was the one who had done it. Knowing that his marriage could end over something like this, Max took the blame. Max said it was worth it. He cared for both of them too much to let their marriage break up. And Sal felt so guilty that he never gambled again. Sophia now feels terrible about having hated him for all these years and apologizes, which Max accepts, and the two hug. Blanche and Rose start a new Elvis fan club. Everyone is in awe over a “genuine Elvis artifact” except Dorothy. She makes a joke about Elvis and is promptly kicked out of the club. Maybe she can join the PLO.

Dorothy is horrified to find Sophia in bed with Max and even further mortified when Sophia announces that they’re getting married. Dorothy can’t believe that anyone could fall in love that fast, especially when Sophia has spent the last forty years hating Max. The big day arrives. And Sophia is having second thoughts about the marriage. She realizes that maybe Dorothy is right, that they were fooling themselves. But then Dorothy hears Sophia talking about the heartfelt words that Max shared with her and has a change of heart. She admits that what she was really worried about was that Max would take Sal’s place. She still thinks of the two of them as being married. But she realizes that she only wants Sophia to be happy. And she says that she knows Sal would want the same. The wedding takes place and goes perfectly. Oh, except for the fact that Rose accidentally invited to the wedding a bunch of Elvis impersonators she was thinking of hiring for their next club meeting instead of Max’s family. Sophia and Max are married and the Elvis Entourage (don’t roll your eyes like that) serenades them with “Hawaiian Wedding Song.”

Season 4, Episode 6: Sophia's Wedding (Part One)

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