Sophia returns from her honeymoon with Max. They had a wonderful time. But they forgot one itsy bitsy little detail. They forgot to get a new place. They stay with the rest of the girls until they find a new apartment, which they figure should only take a few days. Those few days turn into three weeks. Dorothy has started smoking again due to stress. She promises to quit but doesn’t have an easy time of it. After Max accidentally ends up in the shower with Dorothy- he didn’t have his glasses on and thought Sophia was in the shower- the girls tell them things aren’t working out. Max snores, doesn’t pick up after himself, and hardly ever remembers to lift up the toilet seat… or the toilet lid. Sophia promises that they’ll find a place. They go to the beach and start talking about their million dollar idea from back in the day. Sal and Max had their pizza/knish stand on Coney Island. But not on the boardwalk, which was always Sal’s dream. They come home and announce that they “found a place.”

Their new place is a run down concession stand on the boardwalk of the beach. The million dollar idea deserves a chance to be realized. They work like mad getting the place ready, so much so that they both end up getting sick. Sophia has a cold and Max likely has the flu. They resign themselves to the fact that the dream has ended. They wanted to be open for the big beach festival coming up. But Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche step in and say that they’ll run the stand until the two are feeling better. Business is slow at first. But Sophia comes up with an ingenious way to get people out of the water. And before they know it, they’ve sold all the food they made. The elation quickly turns to bewilderment and despair when they receive word that the stand has burned down. Max and Sophia resist the idea of rebuilding. They come to realize that their business was missing something, their spouses. They also agree that maybe the marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. They agree to get separated. This way, they can still get together every once in a while for… you know. The two dance together and get ready to settle into their lives as just good friends… who happen to be married.

Season 4, Episode 7: Sophia's Wedding (Part Two)

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