The girls win $10,000 on a lottery ticket. They’re ecstatic and decide to go out and celebrate. Before they won, Blanche bought an aviator jacket. She decides to put the winning ticket in the jacket for safe keeping. A man comes by from a local thrift shop to pick up items the girls donate. Not knowing the ticket is in the jacket, she assumes it’s supposed to be donated as well. The girls go crazy looking for the jacket. Sophia explains she gave it to the thrift store. The girls rush to the store. But the jacket was purchased by a certain “Michael” to be used in his concert that night. He gets away before they can get the ticket. The girls read about an auction where the jacket will be on display. They go to the auction. They plan to start at a bid of $100 and say they’ll spend a thousand if they have to. But before they can enter their first bid, a local congressman makes a sizable donation that is immediately accepted by the auctioneer. The proceeds from the auction are to be donated to the homeless. This congressman has been accused of being insensitive to the homeless and only makes the donation to quell the accusations. He then announces that he’s sent the jacket off to a local homeless shelter in hopes it will provide warmth for one of the city’s less fortunate.

The girls find out which homeless shelter the jacket was sent to and go there under the guise of needing a place to sleep. They spend the night. Rose befriends a man named Ben who happens to be from Minnesota. Blanche talks with a young man named Kenny. Sophia sees a friend of hers from Shady Pines and is amazed to see her there. Her friend explains how she ended up in her situation. The price of the home, medicine, and all her other expenses cost more than she could afford. She outlived her whole family. And she never expected that it would be a sort of punishment on top of being so sad. The girls split up to look for the jacket. The ticket is found. And the girls decide to give it to the homeless shelter, realizing that so many people need the money more than they do.

Season 4, Episode 8: Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket?

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