Blanche’s brother Clayton comes to Miami for a visit. He’s been down since his marriage broke up. Blanche tries to help by setting him up with a coworker from the museum. He runs into Rose at the park and reveals that he’s gay. He’s been wanting to tell Blanche for years but has never been able to bring himself to do it. Rose tells Clayton that he has nothing to worry about. She’d be upset but would get over it quickly. He vows that he has to tell her once and for all. They come home together and he tries to tell Blanche. But he loses his nerve again and instead says that he and Rose slept together. Sophia thinks she had a dream where Sal spoke to her. She interprets it as a sign that she’s going to die. Dorothy thinks she’s being ridiculous but Sophia persists. She says there will be a knock at the door on Saturday night at 9:00 and death will be on the other side of it. The time comes, and there’s nothing at the door… at first. Then the doorbell rings. Dorothy panics, but Sophia has to see what’s on the other side. It turned out to be a friend of hers. The “dream” was Mildred telling Sophia while she was napping that there was room for her in their plans that night.

Of course, Blanche starts giving Rose the cold shoulder, upset over what she thinks happened. After she insults Rose, Clayton realizes that he has to tell Blanche now. Clayton confesses that nothing happened between him and Rose. He tells her that he’s gay and she’s in shock. Clayton leaves her alone. Blanche finds him at the bar he was at with Rose the previous night. She tells Clayton that nothing has changed between them and nothing ever will. Blanche apologizes to Rose for doubting her and the two make up.

Season 4, Episode 9: Scared Straight

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