Dorothy has been sick for quite some time. She initially thinks that she has a flu bug that won’t go away. But Rose points out that flu doesn’t last that long. Dorothy consults a few doctors who all say she’s fine. Dr. Stevens tells Dorothy that if she wants to spend more money and further pursue this to go to New York and see the man he studied with. She goes there and speaks to Dr. Budd but he’s completely dismissive and condescending. Dr. Budd insists that she’s not sick, just getting older. Blanche decides that she’s going to become a great romance novelist. She says she can easily use her own life as her life is a romance novel. But she has trouble as soon as she starts. She’s unable to come up with the words to put on the page.

Dorothy breaks down crying in her hotel room. She starts to wonder if maybe she’s crazy after all. Nobody believes her, maybe it is all in her head. Rose assures her that’s she’s wrong about that. She can see it in the way she walks and how exhausted she gets. Rose knows she sick. Back home, Sophia tells of how wiped out and depressed Dorothy is despite trying to hide it. Rose and Blanche try to assure her that Dorothy will he fine. Sophia says they can’t be sure of that. Dorothy could be dying and they just can’t see it.

Season 5, Episode 1: Sick and Tired (Part One)

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