Dorothy’s son Michael comes for a visit. He says he quit his job and that he and Lorraine are separated. In the first week he stays with Dorothy, he spends most of his time lying on the beach. Rose has been dealing with severe tension. Her neck and shoulders are extremely tight. The reason for this is that she’s under a great deal of pressure at work. She finally decides to speak to Enrique who offers a terrific solution to her issue. Michael continues to be a layabout. He spends time with Stan who isn’t exactly the best role model for him in this regard. Michael even asks to borrow money from Dorothy for his night out with his dad.

Blanche continually tries to talk sense into Dorothy. She helps Dorothy see that she needs to take a firm stand with Michael. If she doesn’t, she may end up with a “60-year-old kid.” She tells Michael that he has to leave. He ends up staying with Stan. Stan is upset because he hates seeing Michael do nothing with his life. He also throws Michael out. Hopefully, this will force Michael to grow up. Michael catches a bus and Dorothy wonders if he’ll ever forgive her.

Season 5, Episode 10: All That Jazz

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