Blanche is queen of a ball for the upcoming citrus festival. She gets a call from Big Daddy asking her to come see him. She says she would but she has to be there for the ball. She promises to check in with him on Monday. She later gets a call from Virginia telling her that Big Daddy has passed away. Blanche is in denial at first, saying that Virginia is probably playing a practical joke on her. But eventually she breaks down crying, regretting that she didn’t go see him when he called. Sophia is trying to earn money. When Dorothy and Blanche go to Atlanta, she uses the house as a makeshift hotel. She convinces Rose to reluctantly go along with her on it.

Blanche and Virginia see each other. Virginia asks why she didn’t come up to see Big Daddy when he wanted to see her. Blanche points out that Virginia is hardly an angel. Virginia says she’s surprised that Blanche even made it at all. She says that she may not be happier if Blanche wasn’t there, but at least the family could grieve for Big Daddy without wondering what is in it for Blanche. Blanche says she refuses to go to the funeral if Virginia is there. Dorothy tries to talk her into going but to no avail. She does visit his grave and apologizes for not being there. She promises that she will always love her father. She and Dorothy return home. Rose gives Blanche the replacement citrus plate Sophia had just bought with all the money they made over the weekend. The original one had gotten broken. Blanche destroys the plate. She says that the plate represents the old Blanche. She became a new person on the trip home. She vows to cherish her friends and memories like never before.

Season 5, Episode 11: Ebbtide

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