Christmas is fast approaching. Miami is in the middle of a heat wave and the stores are mobbed as always. Dorothy suggests that instead of all the girls shopping for each of the other girls, that they each buy one gift. There’s only one problem with this plan. Someone is going to have to get the gift from Rose. Blanche ends up being the… ahem… lucky winner. Christmas comes and the girls all exchange gifts. Rose ends up picking out a wonderful gift for Blanche. Rose agrees to help her church serve Christmas dinner to the homeless and the girls help too. They’re surprised and saddened to discover that some of them are children. A Santa Claus shows up. It turns out to be Stan.

Katherine has thrown him out accusing him of infidelity. He’s also lost all of his money on a failed business venture. His invention of toy fire engines got stuck in Germany and only arrived on Christmas Eve, leaving him unable to sell them. Stan continuously laments his fate, being broke and homeless on Christmas. Dorothy tries to make him see that he’s more fortunate than anyone else there, but to no avail. Dorothy tells him to stop whining. Stan asks for a little money and Dorothy begrudgingly gives it to him. All the food is now gone. Stan returns to the church in the Santa suit and gives the fire engines to all the kids. Dorothy remarks that in a way this was the best Christmas she ever spent with Stan. The girls realize how lucky they are to have each other and wish each other a Merry Christmas and share a group hug.

Season 5, Episode 12: Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas

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