A neighbor of the girls named Mary comes over to the house. They’re delighted to see her. Mary is pregnant and her father has thrown her out of the house after they have a fight. The girls tell Mary that she’s welcome to stay at the house until she can get things figured out. Meanwhile, Blanche has been exchanging letters with a man in prison named Meryl who’s supposed to be in jail for the next twenty years. Blanche says that the letters are a fantasy to help him feel less lonely. There’s just one problem. His sentence was overturned and he’s getting out of prison. Meryl shows up. The girls tell him that Blanche won’t return for a long time. Meryl says he’ll be back. He later returns and ties up Sophia in a successful attempt to get information from her. He later ends up getting arrested again.

Dorothy and Sophia have a talk with Fred, Mary’s father. Dorothy tries to convince him that Mary is alone and scared right now and doesn’t know where else to turn. Fred still has trouble understanding what Dorothy is trying to say. Dorothy tries the ultimate last ditch effort. She tells Fred a St. Olaf story. That seemed to do the trick. Fred comes by and asks Mary to come back so they can talk things out. The two hug. Fred thanks Dorothy and says perhaps she can tell him more about St. Olaf some time as it seems like a great place to raise a daughter.

Season 5, Episode 13: Mary Had a Little Lamb

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