Blanche has been dating men she’s not entirely thrilled with. Dorothy points out that she was in a fantastic relationship with a man named Steven but ended it far too early like she usually does. Rose joins a positive thinking group and it seems to be improving her outlook on life. She convinces Dorothy to go to a meeting. Blanche and Sophia go too. The meeting is full of smiling people. Dorothy says she’s just observing and points out that they must know life can be pretty miserable at times. But she agrees to stay for the rest of the meeting. She eventually embraces positive thinking and mentions how much things in her life seem to be improving.

Blanche has gotten back together with Steven. Things are going wonderfully at first. But then Blanche gets a call from the hospital telling her that Steven has had a heart attack. Blanche decides she won’t go to the hospital. The girls don’t understand why she would choose not to go. But Blanche eventually says that she’s afraid to get so deep in a relationship. She lost one man she loved when George died and won’t go through that again. Dorothy was ultimately unable to embrace the tenets of positive thinking. Rose decides to leave the group as well. She’s gotten all she’s going to get out of it. And she says she’d rather be part of her group at home. Blanche finally visits Steven in the hospital. He tells her that he’s back with his ex girlfriend. She was there when he needed someone the most. Blanche is upset but the two vow to remain friends.

Season 5, Episode 14: Great Expectations

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