Blanche rents a Mercedes and lists it for sale at a very low price thinking it will be a great way to meet men. The men show up and they all want to buy the car. Blanche hadn’t counted on this. She figured the men would take one look at her and forget all about the car. But her plan backfired. She now has a total of four men who are interested in the car. Meanwhile, Dorothy is dealing with Sophia’s newfound windfall. She’s been receiving dozens of social security checks and is now in possession of a small fortune. Dorothy can’t believe Sophia has kept the money. She tries to talk sense into her mother by reminding her of what America has given to her. She finally agrees to send the money back.

Rose finally gets to meet Miles’s daughter Caroline who’s flying in for his birthday. They have lunch at the house. Caroline tells Rose that her mother died such a little while ago and he’s not ready to get into a relationship so soon. She tells Rose that if she really cares for him to stay away from him. Blanche agrees to fix Rose’s issue if Dorothy will handle the men in the living room. Blanche wants to go out with James and Thomas and get rid of the other two. Dorothy explains that the car isn’t available but Blanche is. James storms off and Thomas asks Dorothy out. Blanche talks to Caroline. She tells her that Rose is a good woman and would never take advantage of Miles. Caroline finally understands. Miles tells Rose he’s sticking around.

Season 3, Episode 15: Triple Play

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