Sophia’s anniversary is coming up. She’s supposed to have dinner with Sophia that night but she forgets about it. While going through the family photo album, Sophia mentions that behind the kitchen pantry door in their Brooklyn apartment was a carving that said “Sal loves Sophia.” Dorothy says that she’s incorrect but Sophia insists. Dorothy is concerned and asks Sophia to go to the doctor and she does. He says her memory problem is likely the result of a nutritional imbalance. If she sticks to the diet he gave her, she shouldn’t have any more trouble. He also says there are things she can do that can help her get back some of the memories she’s lost. She decides to back to Brooklyn to help rekindle some of those memories.

Rose hires Blanche to help her out conducting telephone surveys involving senior health care. Blanche doesn’t take the job seriously at first. Rose fires her but Blanche tricks her into giving her one more chance. She eventually ends up doing all her work. Dorothy and Sophia look around the old apartment. Sophia looks behind the pantry door. Unfortunately, there’s no carving. Dejected, Sophia goes into her old bedroom. Sal shows up. Or rather, his spirit does. Sophia mentions that she’s forgetting all of her important memories. Sal tricks her into realizing that she still has her old spirit, she just needs to use it the right way. The man who now lives in the apartment has to leave and gets something from his closet. Sophia can’t believe what she’s seeing. The carving is behind the bedroom closet door! With her energy renewed, she vows that she’ll get her memories back no matter what it takes.

Season 5, Episode 16: Clinton Avenue Memoirs

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