A man named David stops by claiming to be selling encyclopedias. He asks for George and is told that he passed away several years ago. Blanche sees him a few days later at the grocery store. She thinks he has a crush on her. The rest of the girls are concerned that he may he may have some issues and tell her that she should be careful. David shows up at the house. Blanche tells him that he has an unhealthy and obsessive love for her but nothing will ever come of it. He says that he doesn’t have those kinds of feelings for Blanche. But there is a reason he was following her. He tells her that George was his father. He says his mother died recently and was getting support checks from George for years. Shocked and angry, Blanche throws him out of the house.

Dorothy and Sophia are planning to compete in a mother-daughter pageant at Shady Pines. They end up being the runners-up but will be declared the winners should the actual winners be unable to fulfill their obligations. David comes by again. He says he know his coming hurt Blanche. But he’s angry as well. He grew up never knowing who his father was. Blanche tells him all about George. She even gives him a picture of his father that correlates with a favorite fantasy David had for him and his father. Blanche tells the girls that David is a very nice young man and that she was taking her anger with George out on David. Blanche says that she’ll be able to forgive George; it will just take a little time.

Season 5, Episode 18: An Illegitimate Concern

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