Rose receives a letter from the hospital. She had an operation a few years back and received a blood transfusion without her knowledge. The blood may have contained HIV antibodies. Blanche tries to assure her that everything will be fine but Rose is incredibly nervous. Rose goes for her test and is shocked and dismayed when she find out it will take three days to get results.

Dorothy is working on a fundraiser and nothing is going right. Nobody seems to care about it, her caterer is inept, and the band cancels. Rose is a nervous wreck. Blanche tries to comfort her. She knows what Rose is going through. Blanche got tested once. Rose ends up accidentally making it seem that Blanche is the type of person this should be happening to. Blanche tells Rose that AIDS isn’t people being punished for misdeeds. Rose goes for her results. Thankfully, they turn out to be negative. She is elated. She says she feels like she hasn’t been living for the last three days. She thanks the girls for being there for her.

Season 5, Episode 19: 72 Hours

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