Dorothy sees her friend Dr. Harry Weston. He reassures her that she’s not crazy. He knows that Dorothy is a level-headed person and wouldn’t say she was sick if she actually wasn’t. This means a lot to Dorothy. He’s the first doctor to believe her and point out that just because a doctor couldn’t find what she had it doesn’t mean something isn’t there. He tells her to see a specialist in the hospital Harry works at. Back at the house, Blanche has been awake for days and can’t sleep. She claims she had a breakthrough. She wrote all day and then tore it all up. Then the words poured out “like liquid from a stream.” But she lashes out at Rose when she tells Blanche that none of what she’s written seems to make any sense. She sends her work in and is rejected by every company she sent her book to. She’s dejected, thinking that she’ll never be special. Rose tries to comfort her but she won’t hear any of it. Rose has had enough and she tells Blanche off.

Dorothy sees the doctor Harry recommended. He tells her that he believes she has something called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It’s a newly known disease which is why nobody else could diagnose it. He explains this is why his colleagues tend to blame the victim in these cases, because they can’t see it in their microscopes. Dorothy is relieved to know that she’s sick and not crazy like everyone told her. She takes the girls out to dinner and is shocked to find Dr. Budd there. She decides to give him a piece of her mind. She tells him that he had better start listening to his patients. They need caring and compassion. Still, after everything, she wishes him a better doctor than he was to her should the shoe ever be on the other foot. Dorothy feels great and makes a toast to her friends for being there and making her ordeal a bit easier to deal with.

Season 5, Episode 2: Sick and Tired (Part Two)

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