Rose reconnects with a high school boyfriend named Buzz Mueller. She dated him at the same time she dated Charlie. She wasn’t sure which boy she liked better. Buzz ended up going away to further his music career and never came back. Sophia has been hanging out with the hip crowd from the senior center. Dorothy isn’t happy about it. Ever since she became friends with them, she’s spent all hours of the night carousing, eating unhealthy foods, and running herself ragged trying to keep up. Dorothy puts her foot down and tells her that she forbids her mother from hanging out with them anymore. Sophia announces she’s moving out. Sophia moves to a gorgeous apartment and has a very wealthy roommate. Dorothy tells her to come home. She wants her to drop her group of friends. She refuses at first but eventually does and moves back to the house.

Buzz asks Rose to go to Europe with him. She actually thinks about going. But she’s still conflicted because she cares a great deal for Miles. Miles come to the house and asks if there’s anything going on with Buzz. Just as she starts to say something, Buzz shows up and comes face-to-face with Miles. Miles agrees to give Rose time to think about things and leaves. Buzz tells Rose he’ll go to Europe for now and come back for her. Rose says he told her he’d be back once before and never came back. She says she’s glad she didn’t wait for him then and she won’t wait now. Buzz goes to kiss Rose but Miles comes back and tells him to get his hands off her. Rose finds this side of Miles very exciting and the two embrace.

Season 5, Episode 20: Twice in a Lifetime

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