Blanche’s sister Charmaine has just published a novel. Blanche is shocked. One of the places Charmaine is promoting her novel is at a local bookstore. Blanche is surprised to be invited to the book signing because the two haven’t been speaking. But Charmaine comes to the house and they get along just fine. Charmaine signs a copy of her book for Blanche and writes that she’s inspired Charmaine more than she’ll ever know. Blanche is later outraged when she reads the book. She thinks the book is all about her. She storms into the bookstore and tells Charmaine off.

Stan’s cousin Magda is visiting America. She lives in Czechoslovakia which has recently gone through a revolution that saw the end of Communism in the country. After a disagreement with Stan, Magda stays at the house. She is unimpressed with America and the idea of freedom. She initially prefers Communism and is worried about what will happen now that there is freedom. Magda eventually sees the benefits of freedom and wants to return to be part of the future of Czechoslovakia. Virginia comes over and tells Blanche that her book was about her own life. Blanche realizes how silly she’s been acting and apologizes and the two make up.

Season 5, Episode 21: Sisters and Other Strangers

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