Glenn O’Brien calls asking for Dorothy. He’s the married man that she was previously involved with. Sophia implores Dorothy not to see him. Blanche suggests he may be divorced and that’s why he’s calling. She goes to Glenn’s apartment and is initially nervous. Glenn says he’s now divorced and wants to rekindle the romance he once had with Dorothy. Dorothy hesitates at first but eventually agrees. Blanche and Sophia are scammed out of money while at the mall. A man walks by and picks up a planted wallet. He picks out a “nun” who turns out to be a partner in his crime. She suggests everyone putting up shares of their own money and that if nobody claims the lost money, they can split it. But the man makes a switch and the ladies end up with an envelope full of scraps of worthless paper.

Glenn asks Dorothy to marry him. She thinks about it. She’s nervous in trying to decide what to do. She’s worried about making another mistake at this stage in her life. While she’s at Glenn’s apartment, he gets a call from his ex wife and claimed he was alone. Dorothy points out that he’s said he was alone the last time when his wife called. He was cheating on her then. Glenn says he told a little white lie because it’s going to take everyone a little time to get used to the idea of him and Dorothy. Dorothy says that perhaps she needs time to get used to it as well. They vow to remain friends and keep the idea open that they could pick up again down the line.

Season 5, Episode 22: Cheaters

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