The girls are going to a wedding. The grandfather of the groom is Giuseppe Mangiacavallo. Sophia was engaged to him seventy years ago. But he left for America on the day of their wedding. Sophia put a curse on him at the time. She wants to make sure her family looks good at the wedding. Dorothy hasn’t been able to find a date. Sophia wants her to. Blanche eventually agrees to fix her up with Doug. Miles has to go out of town. Rose says she can’t go to the wedding now. She reveals that weddings get her hot. It was fine while she was married. But after Charlie died, she’s had some close calls at weddings.

The wedding goes well. Dorothy is having a fantastic time with Doug. Blanche is jealous. She cuts in on the two of them dancing and ends up monopolizing him for over half an hour. Giuseppe and Sophia see each other. She tells him of the curse. He laughs it off but it seems to be coming true little-by-little. The bride and groom have a big fight in the middle of reception over the goings on at his bachelor party. Dorothy later tells Jenny that Joey didn’t lie to her about anything. Jenny understands and the two make up. Dorothy and Blanche have a fight. Blanche pushed her too far this time. Rose ends up leaving with Doug. Dorothy and Blanche realized that they weren’t good friends to Rose at that particular moment. Doug returns and mentions that Rose went to the airport so she could catch a plane to go be with Miles. After Sophia ends the curse, she and Giuseppe dance and reminisce about old times.

Season 5, Episode 22: The Mangiacavallo Curse Makes a Lousy Wedding Present

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