President Bush is planning to dedicate the new senior center down the block. His motorcade will be passing by the house. Agent Bell from the Secret Service comes to the house and announces that the president wants to stop at a house on the way. He wants to get some information on each of the girls. He first interviews Blanche who tells stories about her past exploits. He then interviews Rose who tells stories so inane that she can be sure that Agent Bell won’t ever ask her to do so again.

Dorothy plans to give the president a piece of her mind. She sees so many issues that aren’t being addressed. Blanche and Rose try to talk her out of it. It may not matter. Agent Bell says that President Bush would prefer to visit a more traditional family. After hearing more stories, he’s so moved that he’s convinced that this is the house that the president should visit. He later returns and announces that the president has indeed decided to visit the house.

Season 5, Episode 25: The President's Coming! The President's Coming! (Part One)

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