The girls are excited about the upcoming visit from President Bush. Dorothy still plans to tell him off when he arrives. Rose implores her not to do so. She reminds Dorothy that she doesn’t have the best track record in keeping her temper in check. Stan comes by and shows off his newest novelty, the George Bush Point of Light on a Stick. Dorothy throws him out.

Agent Bell comes by and tells Sophia that she didn’t pass every security clearance. This stems from her being also listed as Sophia Weinstock, from the marriage to Max that was never officially ended. She tells him the story of what led up to it and all is well. President Bush arrives and the girls meet him. Dorothy is the last to be introduced. Still planning to unload her thoughts on him, she gets tongue-tied the moment she shakes his hand. She only ends up being able to get out a single word before the president leaves. She walks to the kitchen confident in her belief that he got the message.

Season 5, Episode 26: The President's Coming! The President's Coming! (Part Two)

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