Blanche and her daughter Rebecca have spent the past week bonding and getting to know each other again. They’ve had a wonderful time. But Blanche’s elation is short-lived when Rebecca tells her that she’s going to be artificially inseminated. Blanche is horrified at the thought of it and tells Rebecca as much. Dorothy has been trying to get Sophia to go for a checkup but she refuses. Rebecca eventually convinces Blanche to go to a sperm bank with her so that she can see that it’s legitimate. They go, and of course, Blanche is uncomfortable.

The girls listen to the doctor’s explanation of the procedure. Blanche can’t take any more. She says she can’t believe Rebecca would do this. She would never do it and does not approve of her daughter doing it either. The other girls talk to Blanche. They understand how she feels. But they tell her she has to let Becky make up her own mind. If she doesn’t, she could lose the relationship with her daughter. She doesn’t want that to happen. She apologizes to Becky and the two make up.

Season 5, Episode 3: The Accurate Conception

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