Rose receives word that a company Charlie worked for has gone bankrupt and so has their pension fund. She won’t be receiving checks anymore. She doesn’t make enough at the counseling center to live without the pension. She starts looking for a new job. She applies to be an assistant manager at a pet store but is told she’s too old. Blanche tells her to contact consumer advocate Enrique Mas. She says he’s a great voice for the people. Rose then tells a poignant story about a homeless woman she sees often. She talks of how she used to wonder how a person could get into a fix like that. But she’s come to realize that she could very easily be in that position soon.

Meanwhile, Sophia gets her membership card to Shopper’s Warehouse. But she ends up getting addicted to the place to the point that she runs out of her allowance and has to ask Dorothy to loan her money to shop more. Dorothy eventually puts her foot down and tells her that she can’t shop there anymore, Sophia agrees to it. Rose goes to the television studio and meets Enrique. She overhears him speaking about needing a production assistant. She asks to apply but is once again turned down for being too old. Rose stands up for herself this time. Enrique agrees to have her test shaving products and do a report on them. She ends up getting the job due to her excellent work on the report. She thanks the girls for being there for her. Deep down, she never doubted she’d wind up back on her feet. But what made her most nervous was the thought of leaving the rest of the girls.

Season 5, Episode 4: Rose Fights Back

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