Rose has been enjoying dancing with her ballroom partner Miles. Miles invites Rose to come to his house for a party and she accepts. She’s surprised to find that Miles is a college professor. After being left to feel inferior after speaking with his coworkers, she begins to feel she isn’t smart enough for Miles. Her feelings are only expanded when he goes to the house for dinner. She eventually convinces Blanche to go out with him instead. Blanche has been in a dating slump and does find him attractive. So she agrees to go, albeit reluctantly.

But she ends up having a lousy time. All Miles talked about was how attractive and how much fun Rose is. Still, Rose is determined that she and Miles will not work out. The girls later convince her to go to the ballroom. She goes and sees Miles there. She starts to dance with him. Then she gets upset when she thinks her story was stupid. She asks Miles what he sees in her. Miles assures her that she sees her, and what he sees is a wonderful woman.

Season 5, Episode 6: Dancing in the Dark

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