Sophia’s friend Martha loses her best friend and is understandably devastated. She mentions how much she suffered in her last few months and is now out of pain. Martha later invites Sophia to dinner. Martha makes a toast to Sophia hoping she can count on her. She tells her that she wants her to come to her apartment. Sophia asks why. Martha says she wants her to be there when she kills herself. Sophia is shocked. Martha says she has so many things wrong with her and wants to go on her own terms and not how out the way her friend did. She promises to at least think about it.

Rose, Dorothy, and Blanche look after the neighbors’ baby. He ends up developing a high fever. They call his pediatrician who happens to be Harry Weston. He comes right over and realizes that the baby has an ear infection which he tends to get at times. Sophia goes to Martha’s apartment. Martha has her pills ready and says how glad she is that she doesn’t have to die alone. Sophia stalls a bit and they talk about how they met. Martha tells her how all she hears is silence, how lonely she is. Sophia promises to be there for her. She starts to cry. Sophia points out that Martha has tears in her eyes as well. That shows Martha isn’t ready to die as she thinks she is. And thankfully, Martha decides not to go through with it. Sophia says she can be there like a friend, a best friend.

Season 5, Episode 7: Not Another Monday

If you are dealing with, or if there’s anyone you know who may be battling and contemplating thoughts of suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or consult a professional for help. For helpful resources in every state and most U.S. territories, visit Speak with a friend or family member. You’re not alone no matter what you think. Comment in our Facebook group or on our page with your thoughts on this very important episode. Try out our quiz on the next episode, season 5, episode 8: That Old Feeling.