Dorothy is upset over the loss of a school friend she recently got reacquainted with. She starts thinking about how so many of her classmates have passed on. While going through her yearbook, she finds a list she once made of things she wanted to do in her life. She’s upset because she’s hardly done any of them. One thing she always wanted to be was a comedian. Blanche convinces her to perform an act at amateur night at a local club. Meanwhile, Blanche gets audited. She failed to disclose that she’s collecting rent from the rest of the girls. She’s upset at first, but is reminded that she’s been audited before and didn’t have to pay a penalty. She plans to seduce the auditor but changes her mind when she sees who it is.

Rose has a coworker named Roger who doesn’t like her. She tries to be friendly. She even gives him a cat to replace his recently deceased dog. But the cat attacks him and eats his other pet. He eventually tricks her by saying they’re friends as long as she leaves him alone. Rose is elated. The night of Dorothy’s standup routine arrives. She goes on stage and is incredibly nervous. After her first few jokes fall flat, she starts to get the hang of it. Before she knows it, she has the audience in stitches and leaves the stage to rousing applause. She’s thrilled never to have to do it again but is glad that she fulfilled a lifelong dream.

Season 5, Episode 9: Comedy of Errors

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