The time is fast approaching for Blanche’s daughter Rebecca to give birth to her baby. She comes for a visit. She’s decided to have her baby in Miami instead of Atlanta so that she can be close to her mom when the big moment arrives. Blanche is apprehensive about this, still embarrassed over the fact that Becky conceived via artificial insemination. Rebecca and the girls go to a birthing center where they emphasize natural childbirth in a home-like setting. Rebecca is exited at first but quickly changes her mind when she hears a woman in another room giving off ungodly screams while she’s giving birth. The girls leave the center and Rebecca eventually decides that she can easily have a natural childbirth in a hospital. Blanche says she’ll go to Atlanta with her. Becky says she doesn’t feel up to traveling and still wants to have the baby in Miami. Blanche tells her that she’d be more comfortable if she had her baby in a place where nobody knew her. Rebecca is shocked and angry. She says she’s going back to Atlanta and taking her baby with her.

Rose signs up for the Senior Sports Classic. As a child, her parents had her train for the U.S. team. She struggles at first and eventually admits that she hates ice skating. Dorothy convinces her that she doesn’t have to do anything to make her parents happy. Rose says she’ll give it up and thanks Dorothy. Rebecca goes into labor and the girls take her to the hospital. The doctor arrives. In the waiting room, Sophia makes constant remarks as to how difficult her labor with Dorothy was. Dorothy tells her that she’s hurting her feelings. But Sophia says after everything, she wouldn’t change anything about having Dorothy. Rebecca is going through the usual painful childbirth. The pain starts to overwhelm her and she says she can’t do it. She’s afraid. Blanche steps up and says that Rebecca has to be the bravest woman she’s ever met. She decided how she wanted to have her baby and she’s doing it. She says she never would have had the courage to do what Becky is doing. Becky finally gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. She thanks her mother for being there with her, saying she never could have done it without her.

Season 6, Episode 1: Blanche Delivers

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