Sophia is developing feelings for Tony Delvecchio. But she says that he looks at her only as a friend. Blanche vows that with her help, Sophia could have Tony in bed in no time. Sophia agrees to it. Tony comes by. Dorothy makes Sophia promise to be good. And apparently she was. She tells Tony that she loves him. He replies with “I care for you.” Sophia is upset. She asks how he could make love to her if he doesn’t love her. She tells him she never wants to see him again. Rose gets a letter from St. Olaf. The letter mentions a drought that threatens the crops. Citizens are asked to be celibate until the rains come.

She doesn’t tell Miles the real reason. He thinks she’s simply gone off him. She asks her if she’s seeing anyone else. Rose says she just can’t be with Miles right now. Miles says perhaps he can’t see her anymore and he leave her. Rose later gets a call from a friend in St. Olaf that it’s raining. She says she has to get to Miles right away. Sophia goes to Tony’s hotel room. Tony says he wanted to call her so many times but just couldn’t make the call. He hasn’t told anyone that he loved them since his wife died. He then says that he does love her and the two kiss.

Season 6, Episode 10: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Before They Die

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