Phil dies of a heart attack and the entire family is in shock. Sophia wonders if her daughter-in-law Angela will be there. They have feuded ever since she married Phil. At the funeral, the priest is given a false idea by Sophia of what kind of man Phil was. At the cemetery, Dorothy gives a moving but poignant eulogy about her times growing up with her brother. She says those memories fill her with joy. But she’s also upset. She’s upset that he died and upset that he apparently didn’t have the wisdom to prevent the family from growing apart. At the house, Dorothy tries to bring Sophia and Angela together to put and end their longstanding hatred of each other. Angela doesn’t even know what she did. Sophia tells her that the dowry check from her father bounced. The amount? A mere $47.

But it’s later revealed that the dowry isn’t the only thing that has bothered her. She wants to know why Angela didn’t stop Phil’s cross-dressing. Angela said he did that all his life. Sophia accuses Angela of saying it’s her fault. Rose tells Sophia about a cousin of hers who was very different. She talks of the shame that kept her aunt Katrina from loving her son and how it ruined her life. Rose implores Sophia not to let that happen to her. He may have been different, but it’s okay that Sophia loved him. Sophia starts to tear up. She says she did love him. He was her little boy. But every time she saw him she always wonders what she did or said to make Phil the way he was. Angela says that was Phil was was a good man. Sophia finally comes to terms with the fact that her baby is gone. She and Angela hug, finally putting an end to their long-time feud.

Season 6, Episode 12: Ebbtide's Revenge

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