Rose is becoming bored in her relationship with Miles. They go to the same places and do the same things every time. She mentions that she doesn’t think she was bored for one minute with Charlie. Miles senses that things are getting stale. Rose asks if Miles loves her enough to jump out of airplane. He might not have answered in the affirmative if he’d known she meant it literally. She signed them both up for skydiving classes. Blanche is dating a man named Rex Huntington, who we consider to be the biggest jerk in the entire series. She’s been stood up multiple times but finds him exciting so she’s willing to give him more chances. But he turns out to be verbally abusive. Dorothy tries to make Blanche see this. Blanche is unable to and tells Dorothy to mind her own business. Miles is nervous about the upcoming jump. Rose made Miles believe she did things like this with Charlie all the time. But she didn’t. Miles tells her that she’s remembering her life with Charlie as it never was. He says he loves her but he shouldn’t have to jump out of an airplane. But he decides to go ahead with it since Charlie never did.

Rex comes to pick Blanche up. They’re supposed to go marlin fishing. He gets upset when Blanche isn’t ready yet. He tells Dorothy to go and hurry her up and that he has to teach Blanche what being on time means. Dorothy says that she doesn’t want him teaching Blanche anything. She doesn’t like the way he treats her. She can’t stop her from seeing Rex but she certainly won’t go hurry her up. Rex tells her to mind her own business and grabs her by the arm to which Dorothy says is hurting her. Blanche sees this and finally realizes what Dorothy has been trying to say. She tells Rex to leave. Dorothy points out that she was one of the lucky ones. A lot of people have to hit bottom in an abusive relationship before they can get out. Rose visits Miles in the hospital. Blanche tells Rose that she hopes that she knows that Miles is a pretty exciting guy. She says she knows it now. She loves him. But she’s sure glad she ended up not jumping.

Season 6, Episode 13: The Bloom Is off the Rose

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