Blanche’s brother Clayton is coming for a visit and says he’ll have a surprise with him. Blanche thinks it’s that he’s met a woman and wants Blanche to meet her. Dorothy reminds Blanche that Clayton is gay. But Blanche thinks that the “gay thing” was just a phase. Clayton arrives and introduces his surprise, his partner Doug. He later tells Blanche that he and Doug are getting married. Blanche is furious. Rose has been nominated for the Volunteer of the Year award. She’s lost out on the award for seven straight years. But she knows this time she’s going to win, because Agnes is dead, dead, dead. Coffee?

The awards ceremony has arrived. Rose thinks she’s a lock to win because the awards committee paid for her ticket. She practices her speech. The winner is announced and Rose is surprised. Susan, a friend of Blanches, comes over to the table and asks who Clayton is. But Blanche embarrasses herself, as well as Doug and Clayton, before Clayton could tell her. Clayton says that Doug is part of the family now, his family. And if Blanche can’t accept their relationship, she’s no longer a part of his family. After Sophia makes Blanche realize how silly she was being, she goes to her room where the two have been staying. She asks Doug if he loves Clayton. He says he does very much. Blanche gives her blessing and the three have a group hug.

Season 6, Episode 14: Sisters of the Bride

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