Miles invites the girls over to his house for a poetry reading. Blanche is bored out of her mind and Sophia falls asleep. After being woken up, she turns the television on and there’s a news report that a notorious gangster named Mickey Moran was killed. This seems to grab Miles’ attention and he says he’d like to end the evening early to grade some papers. After the girls leave, he calls someone and asks him if it’s true and if he’s free. Miles comes over to the house and tells Rose everything. His real name is Nicholas and he was an accountant. One of his clients was Mickey Moran. By the time he found out what Moran was up to, he was too deeply involved. He was arrested and the feds tried to pin everything on him. He became an informant and had to enter witness protection. He wants Rose to go back to his hometown with him. Rose, stunned and angry, says she doesn’t even know him. But she eventually realizes he’s the same man she’s loved all along and says that she will go with him.

Sophia has a fight with her best friend Gladys Goldfine. She was going to take her to what Sophia thought was a Tony Bennett concert but decided to take a man instead. Sophia puts a curse on Gladys and vows never to speak to her again. Gladys later comes by and apologizes and Sophia accepts. It turns out the tickets are for another Tony’s concert. Sophia tells Gladys to take her gentleman friend. Blanche buys an expensive dress she planned to return after wearing. But Dorothy accidentally causes Blanche to spill her drink on it. When she tried to return the dress, she realized she forgot to remove the dry cleaning tag. She says she’s found a way to pay for it by way of rent increases for Dorothy and Rose. Sophia is exempt because the increase was her idea. Rose hears on the news that Moran staged his death and is actually alive. Miles comes by and says they’ll have to go into hiding. Miles says they won’t be able to tell anyone where they are. Rose says she loves him so much but can’t leave her family and friends for an indefinite period of time. Miles understands and says there won’t be a day he won’t be thinking about her. They kiss, and Miles makes his painful departure.

Season 6, Episode 15: Miles to Go

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