Dorothy has been seeing Stan behind Sophia’s back for some time. She finally tells Sophia and she’s clearly upset. She goes to dinner with Stan. He proposes and she accepts. She tells Sophia about it and Sophia reacts about the way you’d expect. Rose goes to dinner with a colleague of Miles named Raymond while he’s out of town with some students… hey wait a sec… nevermind. Raymond’s ex wife shows up at the restaurant and threatens Rose, apparently unable to accept the divorce.

Blanche and Rose throw Dorothy’s bridal shower. Someone had the bright idea to put Rose in charge of the games. A cop shows up who Blanche mistakes for the stripper and she almost gets herself arrested. Blanche asks why Sophia won’t join the party. Besides the fact that she’s marrying Stan again, she’s also upset that nobody asked her permission. Stan and Dorothy set up a meeting to do so in a scene that could have come straight out of The Godfather. Stan asks Sophia for her permission to marry her daughter. Sophia says she won’t give her blessing. Dorothy may have forgiven Stan but she hasn’t. Sophia tells Dorothy that if she marries Stan, she is out her life forever.

Season 6, Episode 16: There Goes the Bride (Part One)

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