Dorothy’s wedding is just a few days away. Sophia is still trying to put a stop to it. Blanche is set to interview potential roommates. Rose’s brakes go out and she thinks Myra had something to do with it. Rose decides to put in a “bark bell” to scare away any dangerous people. Blanche has turned away numerous roommates but takes a liking to Truby. The wedding rehearsal takes place and Sophia, thinking it’s the actual wedding, tries to object and put a stop to it. The day of the wedding arrives and Sophia mentions that she thought she canceled the flowers. Blanche tells her that she has to let go. Sophia finally seems to understand.

Dorothy talks of how upset she is that Sophia won’t be there. Just then, Sophia shows up to give her blessing. She says she realized that Dorothy always seems to do the right thing. Dorothy and Stan see each other before the wedding. He introduces his attorney who is also his best man. Stan tells Dorothy about the prenup he wants her to sign saying that what’s his is his and what’s hers is hers. Dorothy asks what happened to openness and trust. She tells Stan she doesn’t want his money and tells him to leave before she needs a lawyer herself. Dorothy apologizes to the guests, saying that she’s decided not to make the same mistake twice. Blanche allows Truby to stay for a few days even though she won’t be moving in anymore. Dorothy tells Sophia to get ready. They can go away to where she and Stan were going to honeymoon. Dorothy tells Truby that what she’s always feared the most has happened. No, it’s not having her wedding fall apart at the last minute. It’s that she’s going on a honeymoon with her mother.

Season 6, Episode 17: There Goes the Bride (Part Two)

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