Sophia recently got over a flu that still has her in somewhat of a weakened condition. Dorothy arranges to have her stay at a rest home during the day under the guise of her getting a job there. Sophia takes to what she thinks is her new position. But the owner of the nursing home thinks that she’s pushing the residents too hard. Blanche and Rose take photos for an ad that is to be released in Miami’s biggest Pennysaver. But they’re horrified when they find out that the ad is for an anti-aging cream. They go on a mission to collect every copy before anybody has a chance to see it.

It’s finally revealed that Sophia is actually a guest rather than an employee at the nursing home. She storms out after sarcastically thanking both Dorothy and the owner for making her look like an old fool. She takes to doing nothing but watch television at home acting just like the residents at the nursing home. Sophia later goes back and holds a party with all the residents. The owner puts an end to the party. But Mr. Lewis talks of how he danced for the first time in ages. He never speaks, so everyone is shocked. He says he never spoke because nobody was listening until Sophia got there. She points out to the owner that he’s not listening to his guests. You’re only as old as you feel and he makes them feel old. She says that Dorothy makes her feel old as well, makes her feel as she can’t make her own decisions. She says she knows Dorothy worries about her but perhaps they can make decisions about Sophia together in the future. Dorothy agrees and the two hug.

Season 6, Episode 18: Older and Wiser

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