Blanche’s date cancels on her. She calls her old standby Mel Bushman but he doesn’t answer the phone, which is unusual. Blanche doesn’t think anything of it at first, but gets very concerned in the morning when he still hasn’t picked up the phone. She says he never leaves the house so he should be there. She gets concerned that something terrible may have happened to Mel so she goes to his house. She sees about two weeks worth of newspapers outside and fears the worst. As it turns out, Mel was away on a vacation. Blanche tells Mel that she now realizes how much she’s taken him for granted and how she only wants him from now on. She tells Mel she loves him and the two kiss.

Rose has been feeling down, bored with her job that offers no excitement anymore. Dorothy suggests that she look for a more challenging position. So she does, and she gets an audition to be the weekend news reporter at the station. Her audition turns out to be a disaster and she doesn’t get the job. Mel and Blanche go out on their date but have a lousy time. They come to an agreement that they are better off as friends and decide to go back to the way they used to be.

Season 6, Episode 19: Melodrama

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