Sophia has to be hospitalized due to a hernia. It’s initially believed that it was caused because Dorothy asked her to move something. Sophia refuses to go at first because she thought Dorothy was planning to take her back to Shady Pines but eventually agrees. She goes to the hospital and gets admitted. Rose checks in a monk named Brother Martin. He tells her that she looks awfully familiar. He mentions once being cloistered in St. Olaf. She mentions that she was raised there. Brother Martin asks her if she knew a woman named Ingrid. Rose tells a story about Ingrid dying in childbirth and the baby being named Rose and being adopted by the Lindstroms. He asks if she knew the child. He gets the shock of his life when she says that she is Rose. He then tells her that he’s her father.

Sophia’s surgery goes well and Dorothy is relieved… until she gets a phone call telling her that they’ve misplaced Sophia. Dorothy goes back to the hospital to try and find her. It turns out she was left in a hospital elevator. A few hours go by until Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose eventually find Sophia. She tells Dorothy the real reason she got the hernia. Rose speaks to her father. He said he loved Ingrid very much. But the abbot found out and told him he had to choose between the church and Ingrid. He said he chose God and feels he has His forgiveness now and would like Rose’s now. She later asks how he could choose the church when it meant giving up his own child. He said he never knew there was a child until after she had gone to live with the Lindstroms. By then he didn’t want to interfere. He apologizes, but Rose says she should thank him for giving her life. She and her father embrace and hopefully will have a great relationship in the future.

Season 6, Episode 2: Once in St. Olaf

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