Rebecca needs Blanche to babysit her daughter Aurora. But Blanche has an audition at the local community theatre. She reluctantly agrees to watch the baby and takes her along to the playhouse. The audition doesn’t go well but Jason, the actor she read with, takes a liking to Blanche. But he thinks that Aurora is Blanche’s daughter rather than her granddaughter. Blanche is flattered and doesn’t take the time to correct him. They end up seeing a lot of each other over the course of the next few weeks. And Jason is developing strong feelings. He even goes so far as saying that perhaps they could have a child of their own some day. Rebecca is moved when Blanche appears to be getting closer to her granddaughter. But Blanche’s guilt eventually gets the best of her and she confesses the truth to Jason. He breaks it off with her saying he’d go out with a grandmother but won’t go out with someone he can’t trust. Rebecca is outraged and tells Blanche that she won’t be babysitting anymore.

Sophia wants Dorothy to learn to make the sauce for the Festival of the Dancing Virgins, which has 152 ingredients. But Dorothy has neither the desire nor the time. She’ll be teaching an honors class and will have her hands full enough with that. Sophia makes Rose the queen of the festival, which means she’ll be learning the sauce. Dorothy later ends up feeling intellectually inferior compared to her new students. Sophia tells her that when she was a kid, the school called her to tell her that Dorothy had the highest IQ in Brooklyn. Dorothy is delighted. She starts acting somewhat snobbish until her mother brings her back to reality by telling her she made it up. Rebecca comes to get the rest of Aurora’s things. Sophia tells Rebecca not to turn her back on her mother because she made a mistake. Her words move Rebecca and she decides to forgive her mother. Dorothy realizes what family truly means and says that next year she wants to learn the sauce.

Season 6, Episode 20: Even Grandmas Get the Blues

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