Rose has been seeing a man named Karl. She appreciates how understanding he is when she mentions Miles, though she doesn’t tell him where he’s been. She does later end up telling him that Miles is back and staying with her. This was a big mistake. Unbeknownst to Rose, Karl is actually the Cheeseman. He promises that it won’t go any further than him. Blanche is trying to get into a women’s southern pride group. Dorothy doesn’t like the idea of the club but reluctantly helps her get information from her family tree. Blanche is shocked to find out that her great-grandmother was not only a Yankee but Jewish as well. Blanche initially wants to lie about her family tree but doesn’t. She eventually says she’s a proud southerner no matter what and doesn’t need the club to feel that way.

Miles comes back. He’s disguised as an Amish farmer because that’s where he was moved when returning to witness protection. He just had to see Rose for a while. Rose wonders how she’s supposed to get on with her life with Miles here. He later decides that he’ll leave witness protection because he wants to be with Rose. “Karl” shows up with a gun and Miles tells Rose who he is. Thankfully, Barbara comes by to return Sophia’s glasses which were previously lost. Rose almost blows it by telling the Cheeseman that Barbara is a cop. But Barbara is able to think quickly and arrest the Cheeseman. It’s finally over. Miles can be with Rose for good now and the two embrace.

Season 6, Episode 21: Witness

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