Dorothy gets a message from John Noretti. She’s stunned because she hasn’t heard from him in almost forty years. She was crazy about him in high school even though he was a juvenile delinquent. She was thrilled when he asked her to their senior prom. But she mentions that John never showed up to take her to it. She wants to see him so he can see what she missed out on. Sophia says that isn’t a good idea. John shows up and Dorothy is smitten all over again. They go to dinner and have a wonderful time. He asks her out again for the following Friday but he can’t make it because she has to chaperone the prom at the high school she subbing at. John asks if she can bring a date. She says yes, but also to tells him to make sure he shows up this time since he never showed up for their last prom. John says he did show up. But Sophia told him that he was dressed like a bum and slammed the door in his face. Dorothy is furious. She never knew this. Sophia said that she thought John would come back. And when he didn’t she thought Dorothy would never forgive her if she knew the truth. Sophia asks what the big deal is since it’s in the past. Dorothy says that Stan Zbornak was the big deal. When John didn’t show up she lost all of her self esteem. And when Stan asked her out later, she said yes because she didn’t think she could do any better. And this was the reason she went to the drive-in and later got pregnant. She tells Sophia that she took away her choices and asks how she can ever forgive her for that.

Blanche goes on a diet. She’s to replace two of her meals with a shake and have a sensible meal. Sound familiar? She struggles with it, and Sophia is no help as she constantly makes cracks and puts tempting food in front of her. Blanche finally reaches her breaking point after Rose not only eats her sensible meal but drinks her last shake. But she ends up fitting into the dress. Well she pretty much does. Dorothy and John have a another wonderful evening. He mentions that hes sorry he must up in high school. Dorothy says that it wasn’t his fault, it was her mother’s. But John says that hes always wanted to thank Sophia for what she did that night. He said that Sophia took one look at his clothes and his attitude and said that it wasn’t good enough for her little girl. Her daughter deserved better. He says it was a turning point in his life. It was when he finally started growing up. The two finally have their goodnight kiss. Dorothy realizes that what she said was wrong and apologizes to her mother. She said that she’s responsible for her own choices and if her life hasn’t turned out perfect she can’t blame her mother for that. The two make up and Dorothy tells Sophia all about the prom she finally got to go to with John.

Season 6, Episode 22: What a Difference a Date Makes

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