A date auction to benefit a local children’s hospital is coming up. Dorothy wants no part of it due to the disastrous date she had with the man who won the bidding for her last year. She eventually agrees but still has reservations. The rest of the girls agree to chip in so they can get a better man to bid. Stan comes by saying his uncle has passed away. He left his apartment building to Dorothy and Stan making them landlords. Sophia’s brother Angelo comes for a visit. He confesses that he fell in love with a young aerobics instructor and spent so much money on her that he forgot about his business and lost his home. Dorothy says for the time being he can stay in the apartment building. The night of the auction arrives. It’s Dorothy’s turn. The man the girls selected to bid starts it off. But Stan comes in saying he’s buying a date with the woman he loves. The man continues to outbid him but Stan ultimately wins out.

He later comes to the house ready for their date. Dorothy says she refuses to go out with him. In addition, she’s going to sell her half of the building. Stan threatens to tear the building down and put up office space. She doesn’t care at first. But Stan points out that it will mean her uncle being back out on the street. She has no choice. She’ll stay business partners with him. But she’s absolutely firm on not going out with him. Dorothy tells him it’s time to let go. Stan says he doesn’t know it he can. She’s “his girl” and always will be. But he says if she wants him to leave her alone, than that what he’ll do. Dorothy has mixed feelings. She’s surprised but also relieved. For the first time, she feels like it’s really over and she can get on with her life.

Season 6, Episode 23: Love for Sale

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